Who AM I?

What am i doing here?


This year I will read more, I will lose the kgs that I have been struggling with. I’ll talk to my parents more. Ill be better, do better at my job, love life, I’ll be a better friend etc etc.

But how can i be all of these things when some mornings i just want to rollover and frankly not BE anything.

It came to me that I do not spend time with MYSELF, me and my thoughts, those that haunt me, those that excite me and those dreams that are literally so big they scare ME.

What does the world expect from a 25 year old? Is it time to get married? should I go overseas? AM I GOODENOUGH? should I be doing more? What is my life purpose etc.

I believe that if we never ask the questions we need to, the answers shall never come.

This intro may sound like I am all over the place, what is she saying you may ask. But i feel that when you write something down and read it back to yourself. It allows you the opportunity to step out of the situation that you are currently in.

Welcome to my world and what i intend to share.
Lets be lost together, let’s find ourselves together.

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