You don’t think it will ever happen to you, until it happens to you.

It is no secret that crime is a big issue in South Africa, however I feel that you never think it will happen to you, until it happens to you.

Not that I have never  been a victim of crime but in my adult life i don’t think i have experienced something so close.

Although i was fast asleep when the incident happened i still picture it in my head. How did someone manage to get in and out without making a sound? did i not lock? no but i explicitly remember locking that particular night, so it cannot be that.

I was drained and tired and had been working late but i always make sure things are locked. The rain probably worked as a fantastic lullaby to keep us asleep, but then there is also the possibility that a CD might have been burnt or something sprained in the air to prevent us from hearing anything.

The burning a CD phenomen was popular quite a few years back with people saying that its the mechanism that thieves use to induce a deep sleep.Urban legends generally feed off paranoia and there are a number of gems that have been doing the rounds for years, which regularly get rehashed and circulated among the somewhat gullible public. So if there was ever something in CDs that rendered people unconcious , surely CD making companies would find an alternative ingredient to use in producing said CDs.

One thing such a situation does do though, is to make you feel like a fool. That you are not worthy of being respected and your space and property should not be respected.There is no regard for the law so why should anyone care about me? Especially when they are trying to enrich themselves.

So what is the effect of such an experience? I understand mine might not be, as severe as criminals have gone to the lengths of tying people up and even sometimes using weapons and violence. The material possessions can be replaced, but  nothing can take away the traumatic experience.

So who do you turn to? cry to ? when all you want is to be safe in your home ? in your city and in your country?

I for one do not want to live in fear, i dont want to be that person who is constantly watching their back. But life is currently teaching me otherwise. How do we find happiness in such a world?

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