Beautiful Cape Town – South Africa

It is no secret that Cape Town is a very popular holiday destination for both local and international visitors, and whether you are local or not, it is a must see destination for anyone.

I am always amazed at the natural wonders that Cape Town has, from the beautiful sunsets to the hills and mountains that cover the landscape, to the beautiful wine farms. There is always so much to do and see.

Personally I am not someone who likes travelling alone, so experiencing Cape Town with people I love made me very excited. We spent 6 nights there, and we still could not fit everything we wanted to in our itinerary, but since all of us had been to Cape Town before we could give a few things a miss such as a trip up Table Mountain (one of the seven wonders of the world) and the V&A waterfront which hosts great restaurants and activities including the Ferris wheel and boat rides.

I would definitely recommend that one does Table Mountain especially if you are from abroad. You can either Hike up or take the cable car. If you do choose to take the lazy route, I would suggest pre-booking your tickets online.

Ok, I haven’t even gotten to the things that we actually did do. (see, there is just too much).


Since Cape Town is the southern most place in Africa there is a wide range of beaches spanning the Indian and Atlantic ocean and it is known that the beaches on the Indian Ocean are much warmer than those in the Atlantic. So a visit to Muizenberg Beach, and it’s colourful beach houses is recommended, more so if you enjoy surfing.


Since we were staying in Sea Point close to the city centre we decided to end off our day at the beach with a drive through Chapman’s Peak, one of the most beautiful and memorable drives that you will ever take. Make a few stops on the route and you may even get to spot a few whales.



This particular topic would probably need a blog post of its own. But one of my favourite places to eat and have a drink is “Cape to Cuba” in Kalk Bay, a few kilometers from Muizenberg. A beach bar with the best paella! But trust me, food options are plenty.



Google will tell you that there are million things to do in Cape Town and they truly are, we chose to keep it simple and cheap by doing the following (amongst other things):

Hike at the Kirstenbosch Newlands forest ( a very popular hike is Lion’s Head as well)

Walk in the sky at also at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Finally we spent our last day exploring the wine farms, there are plenty of wine farms but we chose Franschoek. We tasted a few wines and MCCs and made our way to the Holden Manz Wine Estate for a picnic by the river.

Now before I overwhelm you with a super long post, let me leave you to put this place on your bucket list or even better yet, make it a 2018 goal. I haven’t even touched on the night life that left me stumbling back to my hotel room at odd hours of the morning.

See you soon XxXx


The Comfort Zone

giphy (2).gif

“Life begins at the end of your comfort”

Such a warm and familiar phrase that has stuck with me for many years.

And for a long time it seemed so passive to me, but right now it is staring me down like the Goliath to David.

The thing about the comfort zone is that it can be very consuming, you may not even realise that you are in it, until one day the bubble snaps, like a band-aid being ripped off.

This can apply to any facet in your life, it is so easy to get “comfortable” and into a routine. I often wonder how great people continue to be great, for example the corporate ladder climbers, the musicians who produce Grammy winning album after Grammy winning album, Picasso’s whose art knows no time, writers who are constantly re-imaging their lives and the world in general. Also what about us “normal” human beings.

I did say in my first blog post that this is about reflecting, figuring life out, one day at a time and one blog post at a time.

giphy (3).gif

I personally believe that breaking the curse of your comfort zone requires a considerable amount of effort. Taking active steps, mostly daily to challenge yourself and do something that you feel and believe will make you a better human being.

Knowledgeable people will tell you the importance of meditation and reflection. Taking a step back and identifying where you are and where you want to be.

The next step would be to plan, write down your goals, do you want to get better at running? do you want to read more, do your want to improve your technical capabilities at work? All of these things, albeit different require some sort of effort, some movement, some reading some anything, to get you to a place that is maybe 1,2 or even 3 steps out of the dreaded comfort zone.

All it takes is a little effort, an extra 10 mins of running/walking, reading a chapter a day before bed, reading an article or two that is career related. There is a wealth of information and one must know how to tap into all sources.

Finally, practise makes perfect, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. and we have 365 days a year, imagine how great we would be if we used just a fraction of that to better ourselves. Just imagine



Things I am currently busy with :-O

Wow, writing/ blogging is so so difficult.

I was never ready, for some people it seems to come so naturally. I am jealous.

Most bloggers (from what i have seen), have it all figured out, the theme, their way of writing etc etc. right down to using the right pictures, its like a job! I’m not surprised though because social media (or online content) has developed tremendously (hey look at me I’m using big english). Oh wait! I digress (hahaha).

Anyway I was on youtube the other day and I came across a vlogger or  youtuber, I’m not sure what they are called, but someone had a video where they were discussing their career as a youtuber and looks like these guys get paaid . I then bumped into the same blogger on a Standard Bank social media campaign and thought wow!!

I’m not saying  that I want to pursue a career in social media, but I find it so fascinating. It’s always amazing when people get paid for doing what they love, or doing what comes naturally to them. Amen to that!!

Anyway here I am writing about things that have nothing to do with what I had in mind when I clicked “write”.

Basically this post is about all the things that I’m currently doing/ loving/ interested in. Here we go.


I’ve recently taken an interest in make-up. I’ve hardly ever worn make up in my life, most likely only on special occasions like graduation or weddings, so I thought let me try this out. I’m usually always a plain Jane and I am tired of that,most of the time I would just wear lipstick which sometimes disappears during the course of the day.

Now I’ve started doing my eyes and lips consistently and always making sure that I have lipstick in my bag to consistently touch up. I’m soo scared of foundation though, i feel like it will ruin my skin :(.

Up until a few weeks ago i kid you not, i only owned eyeliner, lipstick and some foundation i bought maybe 4 years ago haha. So my friend @missjuiced and i went on a make-up shopping date this past weekend. I didn’t even know where to start, especially since the make up world (just as social media) has evolved so much. Now there exists things like primers, concealers , bronzers etc. that I had never heard of before.

But baby steps, I’ll keep practising and watching more youtube videos 🙂


This is me with my eyebrows done, eyeliner and some nude lipstick 🙂

Gym and Health

The least said about this the better 😦


I am currently reading the The Book of Joy: Lasting happiness in a changing world,a book by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu written by Douglas Abrams.

I love love love this book, I am enjoying it so much (will probably write a review about it once done)

I have also been reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. This is really an amazing story and I don’t understand why I have been reading it since July 2016 and I am still not done


Currently on my playlist is a lot of Prince (i feel like this is consistent). Prince is always on my list like ALWAYS.

Jidenna – The Chief ( i actually just saw online that he is in South Africa, but i can’t find any info about where he will be performing and now I am stressed because he is in Johannesburg and I’m currently in Cape Town)

Bruno Mars – 24k magic 

Leon Bridges – Rivers (this song was brought back to my playlist by a new series called Big Little Lies, continue reading for more)

Khalid – American Teen

….and many more.

Mhmm what else did i want to mention?? oh yes

TV shows

Big Little lies – starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman, this series focuses on women and their issues. At first it poses to be a murder mystery but you quickly learn that actually that is not the focus of the story but what these women go through, from rape to abusive relationships to dealing with infidelity, a must see!!


<Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley>

Ok that’s it for now, I’m out of ideas and tired of typing. Till next time 🙂


You don’t think it will ever happen to you, until it happens to you.

It is no secret that crime is a big issue in South Africa, however I feel that you never think it will happen to you, until it happens to you.

Not that I have never  been a victim of crime but in my adult life i don’t think i have experienced something so close.

Although i was fast asleep when the incident happened i still picture it in my head. How did someone manage to get in and out without making a sound? did i not lock? no but i explicitly remember locking that particular night, so it cannot be that.

I was drained and tired and had been working late but i always make sure things are locked. The rain probably worked as a fantastic lullaby to keep us asleep, but then there is also the possibility that a CD might have been burnt or something sprained in the air to prevent us from hearing anything.

The burning a CD phenomen was popular quite a few years back with people saying that its the mechanism that thieves use to induce a deep sleep.Urban legends generally feed off paranoia and there are a number of gems that have been doing the rounds for years, which regularly get rehashed and circulated among the somewhat gullible public. So if there was ever something in CDs that rendered people unconcious , surely CD making companies would find an alternative ingredient to use in producing said CDs.

One thing such a situation does do though, is to make you feel like a fool. That you are not worthy of being respected and your space and property should not be respected.There is no regard for the law so why should anyone care about me? Especially when they are trying to enrich themselves.

So what is the effect of such an experience? I understand mine might not be, as severe as criminals have gone to the lengths of tying people up and even sometimes using weapons and violence. The material possessions can be replaced, but  nothing can take away the traumatic experience.

So who do you turn to? cry to ? when all you want is to be safe in your home ? in your city and in your country?

I for one do not want to live in fear, i dont want to be that person who is constantly watching their back. But life is currently teaching me otherwise. How do we find happiness in such a world?

giphy (1).gif

Who AM I?

What am i doing here?

This year I will read more, I will lose the kgs that I have been struggling with. I’ll talk to my parents more. Ill be better, do better at my job, love life, I’ll be a better friend etc etc.

But how can i be all of these things when some mornings i just want to rollover and frankly not BE anything.

It came to me that I do not spend time with MYSELF, me and my thoughts, those that haunt me, those that excite me and those dreams that are literally so big they scare ME.

What does the world expect from a 25 year old? Is it time to get married? should I go overseas? AM I GOODENOUGH? should I be doing more? What is my life purpose etc.

I believe that if we never ask the questions we need to, the answers shall never come.

This intro may sound like I am all over the place, what is she saying you may ask. But i feel that when you write something down and read it back to yourself. It allows you the opportunity to step out of the situation that you are currently in.

Welcome to my world and what i intend to share.
Lets be lost together, let’s find ourselves together.